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Latest Coupon Code REVIEW50 Get 50% OFF | Goddess Dual Clit & G-Spot Vibrator

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Silicone Vibe Electrifies Your Clit & G-Spot!
NOW powered by a NEW high tech 7 function vibrating bullet!
Feel like a goddess when you treat your hot spots to the Goddess Dual Clit & G-Spot Vibrator! This flexible and soft pink silicone vibrator reaches 4½” deep to massage your G-spot while a raised heart-shaped nub dances against your clit. It’s twice the stimulation for twice the intensity! And the best part? You can play right away – the Goddess Dual Clit & G-Spot Vibrator comes with FREE batteries!
• Silky-smooth pink silicone vibrator
• 9” total length; 4½” insertable length
• 1” wide for satisfying penetration
• Scalloped shaft massages your inner walls and makes maneuvering easier
• Bulbed end provides intense G-Spot pleasure
• Soft raised heart-shaped tickler stimulates your clit
• Designed for hands-free use
• Push-button vibration activation
• Takes 4 watch batteries, included FREE!
Have out of this world orgasms! When you use the Goddess Dual Clit & G-Spot Vibrator, your pleasure spots will be bombarded with intensely pleasurable sensations inside and out.
Just add a few drops of your favorite lube and slide the Goddess Vibrator’s G-Spot stimulator into your pussy. At 4½” of insertable length, the Goddess Dual Clit & G-Spot Vibe is sized to perfectly target your G-spot with intense stimulation.
While your G-spot is busy being massaged, your clit will be thrilled, too! The Goddess Dual Vibe bends forward in a U-shape, where a raised soft silicone heart dances against your clit and labia.
To activate the vibrations, just press the tiny push-button located at the outer end of the Goddess. You’ll immediately feel powerful, buzzing 7 speed vibrations rush through you. Your Goddess Vibe includes 4 FREE watch batteries, but you can replace them in seconds by unscrewing the cap!
This dual stimulating silicone vibe is shaped to stay inside you for hands-free use. Wear it while you ride the edge of your chair or bed. You can even try out the good vibes while you perform household tasks!
Clean your Goddess Dual Clit & G-Spot Vibe with mild soap and water or toy cleaner.
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Latest Coupon Code REVIEW50 Get 50% OFF | Total Euphoria Vibrator

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Dual Stimulation For Orgasmic Euphoria!
Massage your G-spot and clit simultaneously with this discreet 5” pink vibe! Insert the longer contoured end to tickle your inner walls and G-spot while the rounded end massages your clit and labia until you go into orgasmic overload! Silky-smooth coating feels amazing against your hot spots. Click the push-button control and choose from 3 vibration functions. 2 AAA batteries (sold separately).
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Latest Coupon Code REVIEW50 Get 50% OFF | Jumpin' Gyrator Vibrator

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Big Thumping Vibe Gives You Earthshaking Orgasms!
Wow! This 1½” thick aubergine vibe fills your pussy with up to 6½” of insertable length PLUS bed-quaking power! Push a button to choose between 3 orgasmic speeds. The vibe’s whisper-quiet gyrating motor packs intense shake and shiver into every vibration! Pamper your inner walls with its sensual curves and silky-smooth coating. Runs on 2 C batteries (sold separately)!
• Ultra-powerful gyrating vibrator
• 8½” total length, 6½” insertable
• 1½” width for satisfying penetration
• 3 vibration speeds: low, medium, high
• Push button activation
• Quiet yet powerful gyrating motor
• Contoured shaft
• Silky-smooth coating
• Aubergine (eggplant) color
• Satin finish
• 2 C batteries (sold separately)
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When you need real vibrating power, you want the Jumpin’ Gyrator Vibrator! This big vibrator comes in at a whopping 8½” in length, with up to 6½” insertable to reach deep and make your G-Spot really purr. The wide 1½” shaft really fills you up, and the Jumpin’ Gyrator Vibrator’s gentle contours stroke your inner walls with every thrust!
Stroke the Jumpin’ Gyrator Vibrator’s outside and you’ll feel its silky-smooth coating. This vibe is firm for great friction, but even without lube it’s got plenty of slide.
But if you want to unlock what’s really special about the Jumpin’ Gyrator Vibrator, just press the pink push button at the base. Your vibe will start purring on low – and even on low, it’s powerful! Hold this vibe in your hand, and you’ll really see the difference in the way the gyrating motor throbs instead of buzzing.
Tap the button again to feel intense vibes on medium, and make sure you brace yourself before you turn your Jumpin’ Gyrator Vibrator all the way to high!
Clean your waterproof vibrator with mild soap and water or toy cleaner.
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Latest Coupon Code PHONE Get 50% OFF | True Sex Confession | Hotel Escapade

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I’m Jenna by the way. This is about my boyfriend, Scott and me. Our relationship is kind of a secret for some private reasons but our sex has all been hot and erotic but we were missing what each of us desired intensely. We wanted a bed… you know, a room to ourselves to completely enjoy each other. Right now we both have roommates and you know it’s hard sometimes.  
Then our opportunity came when I had a wedding to attend to, on one Friday night so I reserved a room at the hotel nearby and told Scott to meet me there before the wedding. So we met up in the lobby. The ride to the hotel seemed to take an eternity.
I was really excited that I got to the hotel first so I checked in and went up to the room. I spent all day getting all pretty for him, I wanted to make sure everything was just perfect. I was so anxious to see kiss take all of him in. He’s the best boyfriend I’ve ever had, he smells fantastic and he is just intoxicating. He is so hot!
So I went back to the lobby and waited for him. I sat in a chair so I had a straight shot of people walking in. I was already excited and horny, I couldn’t wait for him to hold me tight. He walked in and my body did not disappoint... I immediately felt a rush. I tried not to show it so much and stood up slowly. We made eye contact and I walked over to him and gave him a smirk and told him this was going to be fun! The lobby was crowded and we didn't want to draw attention to ourselves because this was the first time we were even in public together and we didn’t want anyone to recognize us. So I led the way to the elevator and I was hoping we were the only ones in there but we were not. I wanted to kiss him so bad at this point and feel his body on mine. I slightly brushed my hand against him and immediately that rush, that addiction got bigger. I could sense it from him as well. His breathing was so deep and I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him.
So we walked down the hall to the room which again felt like the longest tunnel ever. Then I slid the key card into the door and we walked in. He dropped his bags, pushed me to the door and we kissed. This kiss was so built up that we melted into each other. He began to touch my body until he reached my pussy and inserted a finger. He said, “Hhhmm, you’re so wet baby” then he put his finger in my mouth and let me taste my juices.
First he said he had to go to the bathroom as he had a long trip to the hotel. So I once again freshened up looked in the mirror and propped myself on the foot of the bed.  He then told me he had a surprise for me and to close my eyes. I did as he requested and he pulled out a single beautiful rose and brought over to me and brushed it across my face. I opened my eyes to his amazing smile and gorgeous eyes.
He’s so sweet and thoughtful. I’m so in love with him! I pulled myself up on my knees as he was standing at the foot of the bed. We kissed passionately and our hands explored each other’s body. His touch put a rush of energy and desire flowed all through me. We slowly started to peel the clothes off each other. We kissed and pulled our naked bodies closer to each other. He held me in his arms and laid me down on the bed. He grabbed the rose and brushed across my cheek, down my chest, down my breasts and stomach…never losing eye contact. The room was filled with our passion and desire for each other and at that moment nothing else existed except each other.
He leaned down and kissed me again. We couldn't stop kissing each other. I love to kiss and he is by far the best kisser I have ever had. He kissed my neck and worked his way down to my tits. He licked my nipples and then slowly kissed his way down my stomach, and down close to my pussy.
He positioned himself between my legs and wrapped his arms around my thighs. Kissing and teasing me knowing I wanted his lips on my pussy. His hot breath was a torture and so I pushed my hips into his face. He kissed and licked my pussy lips. He slid his nose all over my pussy before licking my clit, and flicking it with his tongue. It felt so good and I pushed more into him. He put his 2 fingers inside my pussy and joined in pleasuring me. Oh god, I feel like I was getting weak and he had complete control of my pleasure and believe me he was doing an excellent job.
I was close to my first orgasm and so I told him. He looked up at me and told me "cum for me baby" and with that he went back down on me. I came and he licked and sucked my lips as my pussy pulsated. My toes curled and hands grabbing the mattress as he pleasured me. I really love how he looks at me while I cum. He came back up to my face and kissed me deep so I could taste myself on him.
Then he entered me with his big cock and I moaned so loud. He felt so good. I just know because he tells me how he loves his dick inside me whenever we fuck. He held his big hard cock inside me and told me not to move. I could feel every inch of him. He was growing bigger and harder. And I felt his energy run through me. I wrapped my arms around him as he fucked me faster.
He pulled himself up a little so he could see my breasts and look into each other’s eyes. I could see his awesome body and I could feel his strong arms. We fucked so good for a long time. My legs were up on his shoulders then my legs were down again but he never stopped fucking me. He fucked me harder and deeper and then shouted he’s cumming! He came hard and filled me up with his cum. And then we collapsed into each other. I laid in his arms for awhile not needing to say anything. Just him holding me makes me feel so good. We laid there for a little bit and then decided to take a shower. We showered together and kissed and held each other in the hot falling water. We got out and dried ourselves off. He dressed quickly so he could watch me get ready for the wedding. We could barely keep ourselves away from each other. It’s so funny but we fought through it and I managed to get dressed in time as my girlfriend texted me she was in the lobby waiting for me to attend the wedding with her. He got his stuff and with one last kiss he left too.
I met my girlfriend in the lobby and we went to the wedding reception that night I had a great smile and a little tingle of excitement as every once in a while I could feel Scott inside me.

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Latest Coupon Code PHONE Get 50% OFF | True Sex Confession | Girls in the Navy

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My story is when I was still in the Navy. I’m not sure if it’s okay to share this but I want to. Okay, so on my first day, I just checked into my first tour of duty squadron, you know, orientation, meeting the captain and my head petty officer. Then checking into the barracks, I heard there were three girls in each room. They lead me into my new room and then met my roomies. That’s when I saw Jenny. She was above average in the looks department. We worked together in the same division at the squadron. I found myself studying her, watching her move, I don’t know but I can’t stop looking at her. I wondered if she liked girls too. God those lips... I thought about kissing her as I touched myself at night.
After about three months I could feel the sexuality between us, it was like… an understanding. However, discretion was so very important. No words, no kisses, no touching ... It’s like we were both waiting for that opportunity. So when thanksgiving came.... our roommate was going on leave to be with her family, leaving only Jenny and I to hold down the fort. So we decided to have our own little party; we ate, danced, laughed, and talked a lot. The whole time I just watched her talking to me, how she held her lips... I didn’t even hear a word she said, I was studying her so closely. Then after about 3 hours, she told me she wanted to lay down and she got in her bed on her stomach... the song "Justify My Love" was playing in the background… my heart was throbbing in my throat… I sat on the bed next to her and slipped my hand under her long t-shirt and started rubbing her back... I think she felt it in my touch. We were so bold that night ... thanks to our roommate who left us alone hahaha! She slowly turned over on her back and she said "hey come here". And then I leaned into her slowly.. And as she parted her lips to kiss me I hesitated for a second... "dont play with me" I said. But I gave up and we kissed so slow… she tasted so good. I felt her fingers gathering the hem at the bottom of my t-shirt... her finger nails brushing lightly up my back... I never wore a bra. My breasts were pert enough. They weren't tiny but they were just pert enough. And she stopped touching me and pushed me off of her... "Let’s watch a lesbian porn"!!! And then we laughed over what just happened.
So we popped in the porn and I slipped into my jammies and jumped in her bed leaning up against the pillows, with my knees up she sat between my knees and fell back against me, it was relaxing... I gathered her hair and kissed her softly up and down her neck. She smelled so good. I don’t know if it was the porn that was making me wet or just the feel of her against me... I finally whispered softly in her ear. "hey I wanna show you something" as I reached down and pulled her long t-shirt up... I reached down and spread her knees apart... "just relax I promise I'll make you feel so good”, I said. As my hands dropped down in front of her caressing her breasts, her tummy… I massaged her thighs… finally my palm relaxing over her mound... I could feel her wetness right through her panties. My two middle fingers were gently brushing over her clit. I felt her body spasm against me. Finally I felt her hips come up off the bed as I slip her panties off. She resumed her position thighs, and spreaded it wide… I could feel her heart pounding against the front of me as she threw her head back turning to kiss me, I kissed her, my tongue moving with hers… matching the movement of my two fingers as I masturbated her. I wanted her to get the connection, I wanted her to want my mouth so much. Finally I whispered in her ear as I continued massaging her slowly… "tell me what you're thinking about now".. "you know exactly what i'm thinking about" she said. I reached down with my other hand, using my fingers I spread her labia, opened it wide ... I quickly lift my legs up and bring them down between her opened thighs… I opened her thighs wider with my legs. "shhh dont be scared" I whispered into her ear… Slowly and carefully, I glided my two fingers lightly around and around her pussy like I’m drawing a circle.. just below her clit.. her g spot peeking out.. I could feel it as I brushed against it. I felt her hips began to buck. Then I whispered into her ear "you love the way that feels don’t you?”. She couldn’t say any word anymore and just nodded. You should feel my mouth" I said… As I feel her she let out a moan.
I was driving her crazy. She doesn’t want me to stop but she wanted to feel my mouth on her. I slowed down... and shifted my fingers back to caressing the outside of her pussy, teasing her... I heard the frustration in her tone."No!! Please Please" I got up from behind her and in front of her… telling her to keep her head on the pillows. I laid down on my stomach and slipped my hands under her ass as I take both my thumbs and pry her pussy lips apart and let her feel the sensation of my entire mouth. I never took my mouth away and I ate her whole pussy. I used my tongue to massage her clit… around and around and then I slipped my two middle fingers against her g spot… then swept up her clit up and down slowly using the entire surface of my tongue... building her up... and up and up.. I felt her start to buck up against me and she shouted SUCK IT HARD!!! PLEASE SUCK IT, as I felt both of her hands behind my head, pulling me into her pussy… I used the strength of my tongue to glide very very firmly against her sweet spot as the rest of my mouth sucked her hard…wow.. she screamed so loud.. I never let my mouth away, just resting it there... she tasted so good, I don’t want it to end. But she screamed she’s cumming and I ate all her juices as she moaned louder. We kissed right after that and we do it whenever we get a chance. 

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Latest Coupon Code PHONE Get 50% OFF | True Sex Confession | Girl and Gay

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So ... couple of weeks ago I was out at this bar all by myself, my friend had just called saying she had to cancel, that something had come up at work, I was furious, it was like the third time she canceled on me, so I just decided to go out by myself. 

So, I’m at this bar and all these guys who see me alone just try to buy me drinks and use the cheapest lines to try and get me interested. I swear, it was like “Night of the Living Morons” in there. Back when I was still a teenager I thought that was sexy but, come on, how can you be 30 years old and still use pick up lines from the Internet at a bar? I think I’ve seen a “lamest pick up lines” top 10 on the Internet a couple of months ago and they were all in there... anyway, I’m getting off subject, this guy comes up to me, like the 8th or 9th guy to approach me and before he even opens his mouth to speak I go off like a time bomb: “I didn’t just fall from Heaven, you can’t have my phone number and we definitely HAVEN’T met in your dreams!” 

Guess emotions do bottle up... at first he was speechless but a smile appeared on his face the next second as he started laughing: “You must really have a bad night, I didn’t think all straight guys are so cheesy in real life too.” Straight guys? “Excuse me? I asked him”. He smiled and said: “You got me all wrong. I’m gay. I’m here with my friend, I just wanted to ask you if the white VW outside is yours, I blocked it when I parked and I thought I saw you get out of it when I was pulling up.” 

I think I actually died for a second. The sky almost literally fell over me. I mumbled a shaky yes and a few sorrys and thank yous as the guy returned to his table chuckling. I thought well, this is bad. I’m rejecting guys who don’t even wanna pick me up, gay guys. What’s gotten into me? Is it the fact that lately I’ve been working so hard that I haven’t even had time to think about having a relationship? Am I still mad at the fact that one of my best friends is working days and nights and doesn’t even bother to call me and when I do, she can’t make time to have a girls’ night out? Probably that and more.

Then I started thinking about this guy. I could see him at his table from where I was standing. Gay? Really? He did look incredibly hot, guess it’s true what they say all the good ones are either taken or gay. He was certainly better dressed than every other guy in the room, I’ll tell you that. 

So I turned around, ordered another drink and started thinking about what’s really going on and why is it that all the guys who approach me, not just the ones using cheap pick up lines, feel either intimidated or threatened by me. Maybe I’m too pushy or maybe I just don’t tolerate stuff I don’t like too well. Whatever it was, I know I suddenly started feeling angry. Angry at myself, angry at my friends who are too busy with their jobs to care about me anymore and angry at every moron who just wants to pick me up and have sex with me as fast as he can so he has another story to tell his idiot friends the next day. 

When I ordered my 8th drink I knew I was going home on foot or calling a cab but I didn’t care anymore. I didn’t care about anything. Then this thought popped into my head. Don’t ask me if it was the booze, the low blood sugar or what else, but I suddenly felt incredibly attracted to this guy across the room. Was it because he had just told me he’s gay or was it because I hadn’t had sex in almost 6 months, I couldn’t tell you, all I know was that I’m so determined to have him. Tonight… My rational self was outraged and trying to reason. Oh, come on, what are you gonna do? Convert him? But I could tell by the tone I wanted to approach the situation, very rationally that this battle was already lost. 

I remember about this survey I saw in Cosmo saying no human being is 100% gay or 100% straight. Everybody gets mixed feelings at some point in their life. And they’re right, I’m sure. I mean, just because I’m straight doesn’t mean I haven’t experimented a few times. And it felt really nice actually. By this time I was so sure I could get this guy to have me, I wanted to follow him in the bathroom and have my way with him right there. I swear this is something I would never do, I’ve never even thought about this kind of stuff, but the next thing I know I was looking over my shoulder and going into the men’s room after him. 

Good thing there was no one else in there or we would have been arrested for sure. He was shocked, for real this time when I threw myself at him but, strangely enough, he didn’t resist as hard as I thought he would. The sex was incredible, I remember saying to myself what the hell is this guy thinking? The man who’s with him could very well be his partner and he’s in the bathroom having sex with a strange woman? That seemed so wrong but, at the same time, it turned me on even more. The whole thing lasted less than 5 minutes I think, but I swear that, in my head, we were there for at least an hour. Right after we were done, he got a smirk on his face and said: “I don’t believe this” and I laughed and said ”I know, right?” and he goes “No I mean that this actually worked” and I was like “What do you mean?”. He goes “I played my cards right, haven’t I? I’m not really gay, you said you were sick of guys trying to pick you up so I went the other way. Literally…” 

I was shocked. I had never been so manipulated in my life. I didn’t know whether to hit him over the head with something or take him home and go crazy all night. Talk about mixed feelings ... I asked him why would you say you’re gay? So he said: ”Well I actually blocked your car intentionally when I parked so I would have a reason to try and pick you up but when I saw how determined you were, I kinda panicked and blurred out the thing about me being gay. I don’t know where that came from”. 

I had to admit it was incredibly spontaneous of him and it takes a guy who’s really secure about his sexuality to try and do something like that. And after all, I was the one who attacked him like a wild animal, wasn’t I? Anyway, we ended up dating, but that first encounter was so hot and shockingly unexpected that now it’s so boring I wanna blow my brains out. I might end up dumping this guy actually. Well, it is what it is, maybe I’ll call you again and tell you what happens.

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Latest Coupon Code PHONE Get 50% OFF | Vibrator Sex Toy Materials

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Vibrators are made from a several different materials, which can affect how you use your vibrator, its price and even how you maintain it. Before buying a vibrator, you should research the benefits and drawbacks of the different materials so you can find the vibrator best suited to your needs. There are five main types of material used to make vibrators: Plastic, Latex, Jelly, Cyberskin, and Silicone.

Plastic Vibrators

Plastic is a popular choice for vibrators, largely because of its extremely low price. Vibrators made from plastic tend to be very basic, no-frills models. Plastic vibrators are very smooth and sleek. Plastic vibrators tend to be excellent for penetration - providing a firm and fulfilling experience. But their lack of flexibility makes them less effective when it comes to clitoral stimulation.

Latex Vibrators

This material is one step up from plastic. While still relatively cheap, latex gives the vibrator user many more options. Latex vibrators are firm enough for deep penetration, but these sex toys have more give and a little more flexibility than their plastic counterparts. Because latex vibrators have much more friction than plastic ones, you should always use a lube with them. And of course if you have a latex allergy avoid sex toys made of this material. Use the latest offer source coupon code PHONE to get up to 50% OFF on most items, FREE shipping, adult DVDs and a mystery gift upon checkout at 

Jelly Vibrators

Jelly vibrators provide an excellent balance between usability and cost, making this the material of choice for many mid-range and luxury vibrators. Jelly is very easy to mold, color and shape - properties which manufacturers take advantage of whenever possible. This results in jelly vibrators numbering among the most colorful and exotic-looking models of vibrators as well as giving designers a chance to include many special features. Jelly is a very pliable material that has on overall smooth, soft and even supple feel to it. Despite their name, jelly vibrators have a consistency similar to a hard-boiled egg and are very effective at penetration. Browse our large collection of jelly vibrators.

Cyberskin Vibrators

Cyberskin vibrators are prized for their highly realistic feel and appearance. This special material comes very close to replicating the feel and appearance of human skin, especially after you hold these vibrators close to your body to warm them up. Because of its realistic look and feel, cyberskin is commonly used in high-end adult toys and realistic vibrators. It combines the soft give of jelly vibrators with the firmness of latex vibrators. Cyberskin vibrators do require some specialized cleaning.

Silicone Vibrators

Silicone is a high quality material that is rapidly revolutionizing the vibrator industry. Silicone is prized for its durability as well as its superior hygienic properties. Silicone can put up with a great deal of stress and hard-use while retaining its original shape and qualities. Silicone vibrators tend to be more expensive because these models are meant to last for years of intense usage. For the most part, silicone vibrators are soft and firm and feel very comfortable whether used for penetration or clitoral stimulation. Silicone vibrators are also easy to clean.

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